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A private estate established in 1337 which funds the public, charitable and private activities of the Prince of Wales and his family.

Net Zero

The Duchy of Cornwall recognises that climate change is the challenge of our lifetime and is therefore making a commitment to reach net zero across its varied and diverse portfolio.

On the basis of its own operations, the Duchy has been net zero carbon since 2006 and has offset its in-house emissions through a programme of tree planting. However, when considering our wider footprint and that of our supply chain, the challenge of attaining net zero becomes much greater, and the solution will be a team effort.

From the river estuaries to our farmed estate, we are planning our route to net zero. By working with our farmers we will look at innovative ways of farming, using technology to reduce inputs and actively encouraging a regenerative approach. By planting trees, restoring our peatland, and managing that most precious resource, soil, we can sequester carbon and help prevent its release.

Construction methods of the last 100 years will be challenged, identifying opportunities to reduce carbon impact, in both materials and techniques. This includes assessing innovative products, alongside an acceptance of change by both developers and house purchasers. The Duchy’s Zero Carbon Working Group, with Developer and Architect representation, considers ways this can be achieved in balance with positive changes to legislation and regulation.

A study of our marine resources is also underway, to understand more of the carbon potential in these locations.

Our whole team is working together to help deliver change across the Duchy and the journey to net zero is well underway.

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